Salsa | CUBA

His name is Reydisnier Rodríguez Quiñones, known in the artistic world as ChikyCuba. He was born in Cuba on February 14, 1993, making him 29 years old. Currently, he resides in Barcelona, Spain.

Reydisnier is a graduate of the art school in Cuba, specializing in Dance Art, particularly Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, and Folkloric Dance. In Cuba, he pursued a career as a dancer, choreographer, rehearsal director, and teacher in various dance companies and projects, including:

Salsa, Mambo, and Chachachá
“Paso a Paso” Company and School
“Un paso Más” Company
Santiago Alfonso Company
Irene Rodríguez Company
TV program (Bailando en Cuba)
Musical (Carmen la Cubana)
Currently, in Barcelona, Reydisnier works as an independent dancer, teaching at several dance academies in the city. He is also involved in entertainment, choreography, and other related activities.

Reydisnier excels in various dance styles, such as Modern and Contemporary Dance, Folkloric Dance, Urban Dance, Salsa, and Reggaeton.