Gabryel Berlanga

Bachata | Kizomba

Gabryel Berlanga was born in Sevilla, Spain. Music and dance was his interest since childhood, he was dancing Sevillanas, flamenco and ballroom dancing. When he discovered Latin dances, especially Bachata, he decided to improve his style and technique in that particular dance. He traveled to Santo Domingo, looking for Bachata roots and learning different styles. Thanks to that, his Bachata is very energetic but sensual at the same time with unusual music interpretation. Gabryel’s style is a mix of Spanish and Italian style with some influence from Dominican Republic.
Passion for Bachata made him and his partner Begona start a bachata club – CPB (Club Pro Bachata) which reunites more than 500 members. Its purpose is to organize bachata festivals and workshops. Since 2005 they organize biggest dance festivals in Spain, such as TODOBACHATA which gathered thousands of participants.