Bego Collado Barreiro

Bachata | Kizomba

Begona Collado Barreiro was born in Sevilla. Her dance adventure began over 10 years ago. Her dance style is very sensual and full of novelty, due to influence coming from Dominican Republic, Italy and Spain. Thanks to mix of different styles, together with Gabryel they form an amazing couple and their dance is full of commitment, fun, sensuality and uniqueness.
Few years ago Gabryel & Begona were the Bachata Champions in Spain. Since then they became the most popular couple and bachata instructors all over the world – just to prove this they have thousands of invitations for international congresses and festivals. As a couple they have been teaching not only in Europe but also in USA, Asia and Africa. They are appreciated because of their versatility, sense of humor and positive energy they are giving to their students.