Daniela Elena Savu


Daniela is from Romania but in present she is living in Spain since 11 years ago, she started kizomba 5 years ago in 2014, she always loved dancing since she was a little and she grew up in a family of musicians. She started dancing classes because she loved sensual bachata but she decided do both kizomba and bachata, her first kizomba teacher asked her to assist him at his classe. After 3 months of learning kizomba because he saw potencial in her of becoming a good dancer. She assisted for classes French teachers like Ken of Secret Team, Audi mpk, Azzedine, Youss etc.

In 2018 Sergi & Daniela started to teach in Barcelona toghether and to make kizomba family grow more and more because they just love dancing and they want to share they passion with everybody who want to know what kizomba feels like.