Milena Jakubowska Krystian Domian


Both Mili and Krystian started their dancing adventure from Salsa. Thanks to their curiosity and eagerness to learn, they encountered on their paths people full of positive energy and love for dancing, thanks to which they were spending more and more time on the dance floor. They got to know more dance styles, which resulted in the fact that she began to teach closeness in Kizomba, and he – the freedom in Zouk. Krystian and Milena met for the first time on the dance floor in the dance school, in which they both taught. They immediately fell in love with each other’s dance styles. From that time on, they decided to improve their skills and share their knowledge and passion for dance with others. They tell their students that dance is not just a set of steps and figures that the audience can see. Dance is a whole lot of intimate gestures and interpretations of music that are intended only for two people facing each other.